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How to attract and keep a suitable girlfriend or boyfriend

From loneliness to dating [and to a great stable relationship]

This dating and relationship course helps you if you are:

  • a man who is looking for a girlfriend, a wife or just want to be more successful with women,
  • a woman who is seeking a boyfriend, a life partner or a husband.

As you improve your thinking and replace your limiting beliefs about love matters with enabling ones, and develop your dating and influencing skills and techniques, your relationships with your family, friends and colleagues will improve, too, not just your results with the opposite sex.

dating and relationship course

Q&A Dating, relationship tips for women

Dating and relationship advice for men

Dating topics, concepts, techniques and skills

dating skills

There are numerous dating concepts, techniques, communication strategies, presentation and thinking skills we are going to talk and learn about.
Here are some:

Dating skills and techniques

  • the courtship phases
  • approaching and soliciting approaches
  • qualifying and disqualifying oneself and the partner
  • sending and receiving indicators of interest
  • presenting your personality and values
  • building comfort and trust
  • physical escalation - kino
  • instant dating and time bridge
  • situation based vs. canned openers
  • meeting in bars and clubs
  • creativity in dating situations

Dating mindset

  • investigating own beliefs and getting rid of those that do not serve you
  • continuously upgrading yourself; learning and experimenting
  • being congruent
  • mental models, values and meaning
  • accepting uncertainty vs carving for certainty
  • distinguishing the sources of our knowledge: sensing physical reality vs. mentally creating subjective reality (that is, stories)
  • myths about dating
  • self-confidence and self-esteem
  • social programming
  • replacing scarcity mentality with the abundance one
  • Mind Optimization - for dating and relationships
    Based on the teacher's bilingual book
dating skills course

Creating attraction

  • flirting and teasing
  • being mysterious vs opening up
  • animal mating instinct and social courtship programming
  • creating expectations and surprise
  • creating emotional waves: pull and push
  • being indifferent vs enthusiastic
  • male vs female attraction values and patterns
  • creating confusion, being evasive
  • building and breaking rapport to amplify attraction
  • sexual communication

Online dating

  • writing an attractive profile about you and communicating your requirements clearly
  • using photos to attract more qualified candidates
  • what to talk and don't talk about
  • online flirting
  • transition from chatting to phone, whatsapp, e-mail and to meeting
  • managing data about possible dates to avoid embarrassing situation
  • systematizing, streamlining the online dating processes for higher efficiency
dating skills techniques

Specific topics for men

  • managing women's last minute resistance in an intimate situation
  • handling "let’s just be friends"
  • understanding the bitch shield
  • what to do when you get "I have a boyfriend"
  • being a mature man

Specific topics for women

  • transforming male sexual energy and desire into romantic affection
  • how to keep the guy
  • “men just want sex”
  • being initiative and proactive
  • focusing on creating mutual enjoyment rather than observing the man, expecting commitment or thinking in abstract categories like love, respect, trust


  • the content and context of communication
  • meta-communication - meanings behind the words
  • making interesting conversations
  • body language: standing, moving, sitting and setting energy level
  • communicating with eyes, voice, fragrant, touch and distance
  • presentation skills
  • talking to a group of people
  • storytelling for conveying personality

Managing dating and relationship related emotions and stress

  • understanding the real cause of emotions and stress
  • the functions of emotions
  • approach anxiety
  • interpreting and managing rejection
  • neediness and carving for approval
  • breakup, rebound, loneliness
dating course for men

Become an attractive person

This dating skills coaching will help you not only with your dating results but also with your career, business, relationships, self-confidence, emotional life, strategic thinking, communication skills, health, physical shape and all other aspects of your life. You can make yourself a more capable, respected person who has valuable skills, charming personality and get what you want.

You can find your lover. It is not so difficult if you really, really, really want it. Take charge of your love life, learn new skills and mindsets, spend more time to meet people and make yourself a more capable and attractive lady or guy. Enjoy the process and have fun.

Success in dating will come when you are ready. You can transform yourself into a better person, learn how to present yourself so that more people like you, trust you and accept you.

It is a one-to-one or small group coaching in English in a classroom.

A few words for men: Prepare for your dating success and you will find her

Do you have difficulties meeting women?
You cannot attract ladies because you think you are ugly, fat, poor, bold or have low level job?

Some women date with you but they never return your call? Or maybe you have lots of dates and women are attracted to you but none of them are good enough.

Perhaps you think so low about yourself that you use money to attract women. It can be just paying for them in restaurants or paying for their services.

You might already gave up and regard yourself as a loser.
You meet your friends, watch TV, play computer games just to spend the lonely hours with something.

Or maybe you good with women and want to be a real playboy and have several girls - one for each day.

You could be just broke up from a long relationship and have no idea how to start again. Your whole life suddenly collapsed

You have a woman but she is rejecting you more and more. You are thinking to leave her but you are not brave enough and you depend on her too much. You are trapped because you think you cannot find a better one.

There are hundreds of thousands of single women out there and they are eager to have a boyfriend or husband like you. But you need to be the man and make your move.

Take actions and start to transform yourself into an attractive guy who attracts the best girls like a magnet.

single woman gets married and becomes happy

For ladies: help your man find you and take the heart of your chosen guy

improve your dating skills

Do you cry from loneliness on your pillow before you sleep - even if a man snoring next to you?
Or you cannot even attract anyone to meet you? You think you are ugly, fat or too old?

Some men dates you but they are dead boring and you meet them just to pass the time waiting for Mr. Right. Or maybe you have lots of dates and men are attracted to you but none of them make your heart beat faster.

Perhaps you think so low about yourself that you offer your body to anyone who pretends some affection and you feel good but deeply you know they leave after they get you a few times.

You might already gave up and regard yourself as obsolete.
You meet your friends and go shopping just to be out because the empty home is so depressing that you hate all the walls

You could be just broke up from a long relationship and have no idea how to start again. Your whole life suddenly collapsed

You have a man but you sure or at least suspect he is cheating on. And you are planning to leave but you are not brave enough and you depend on him too much. You are trapped. You don't have working skills to earn enough to start your life alone

The man you live with hardly ever talks to you, you don't have any affections, he doesn't even look into your eyes.

There are hundreds of thousands of pretty, young single girls out there and you feel no way a man would be interested in you. All men a superficial and they do not see your inner beauty. Or they are players and do not want to settle down

The game is not over! There is a man waiting for you and you would be so happy with him but you do not believe any more and do not do anything. You miss your chance when he approaches you because you are not ready. You are still in your self-depreciating mindset, in unattractive clothes, with poor communication skills, boring and needy personality.

Dating with foreign men in Hong Kong

Some Hong Kong Chinese women want a Western boyfriend or husband. There are several reasons why certain HK ladies are attracted to foreigners.

Some females think that foreigner males are better than their Chinese counterpart. People who left their home countries and can survive in a different environment and culture are usually more capable than the average person who stay at home. If someone can be successful in a new environment, that person is usually open minded, good at communication, can learn and adopt and has transferable skills. Immigrants are usually adventurous and brave, which is an attractive characteristics so it is natural that women are attracted to them.

Hong Kong women who lived, studied or worked in Canada, USA, Australia or other English speaking countries or in Europe often had positive experiences and they are looking for a more open minded partner when they return to Hong Kong from abroad. They are inspired by the free spirit of the western civilization and they want to continue experiencing this feeling.

The majority of Hong Kong women I talked to who had deeper physical experience with a foreigner say that they do not want Chinese men any more. They say that Westerners are more gentle and experienced lovers while Chinese men are quick, selfish and do not care about their emotional and physical needs. These ladies become addicted to white men.

romantic affectiom

Women want to be led by the right man

how to find a girlfriend

Another reason why some ladies are so fascinated with foreigners because they feel being a real women with them.
A typical first date between a Chinese man and woman is often not much more than a boring chat in a restaurant about the past or their families. That does not create attraction. You cannot bore a person into love.

Westerners in Hong Kong are more aggressive and often take the woman to the bedroom on the first or second date. The same woman may play get hard with a Chinese man for weeks, months and even years but happily surrenders to a foreigner. They think that Chinese men do not respect women who are easy to get so the ladies play this social game with them. However, with foreigners they can be real and follow their desires. No need for games because they will not be judged but appreciated.

While Hong Kong ladies can easily make European, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand and American guys attracted to them, they often cannot offer enough value to get the man want to make a commitment and become a boyfriend or husband.

That's where my dating course can help you. You need to learn how foreigners think, what they are attracted to, how they make decisions. You need to prepare yourself to be an attractive lady for them. If you cannot naturally keep a foreigner man, then it is time for you to update your skills and thinking and take action.