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You can study in our classroom in Mong Kok or Online

1-to-1 training for private online tutors to get more students

If you want to teach online but you cannot find enough clients or jobs through agencies or tutorial centers, this coaching helps you set up your marketing system to attract students directly

All our courses are available both online and in our classroom. We combine consultation, teaching and coach methods to help you develop your marketing skills and set up your own marketing system where your potential clients can find you directly.

You may have tried tutorial agencies to refer you students or applied for teaching jobs for online or classroom tutorial centres but nothing stable yet. Even if you have long time tutoring or teaching experience, great results with your students and wonderful qualifications, they may be worth nothing if you cannot go through the gatekeepers.

Marketing and sales are more important than qualification and experience

If you do not want to depend on tutor-student connecting agencies or education centers, you really have to take marketing seriously. Unfortunately, many professional looks down marketing and sales and expect that recruiters and employers recognise their talent, qualifications and teaching experiences and pay them well.

The tutoring and especially the online tutoring industry is full of low paid educational service providers. Schools, educational centers and agencies make them compete to accept lower and lower hourly rates and fewer and fewer teaching opportunities. Some even discriminate them by age, gender or other factors.

So come and learn how to become independent, build your own small business and get your own students.

It is not a short term solution. It takes time to build your skills and the marketing building blocks but in a long term you will have a much better business position.

Just to be clear, we do not match students and teachers so do not contact us for that.