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1-to-1 Online presentation, dating, leadership, marketing, soft skills courses in English

Private training and coaching for self-confidence building, communication and relationship skills improvement, emotion and stress management, creativity, learning and teaching skills

All our courses are available both online and in our classroom. Please, read the details of the course you are interested in on the relevant page.

The various courses all help you develop mindsets and practical skills to succeed and become better in your career, relationships and health.

Preparation for your first online lesson

We can use Skype, Zoom or maybe other video chat apps or software. It is better if you use a larger monitor or screen but even your smartphone can be fine. Use the best audio quality solution for effective learning. Test whether an earphone, a headphone or an internal or external speaker provides the best audio. Make sure your microphone works well.

For your online learning choose a place where there is no background noise, for example from TV, people or street traffic.

If you are new to using online video apps or software, please learn the basics and even practise with someone so the microphone, the speaker and the camera all work well and you know how to use the important functions and settings.

You can also test and practise on your own. Use two devices, e.g. a smartphone and a computer or a laptop and get two accounts and sign in to Zoom, Skype or whatever you use on both devices with different accounts. It works even if you only have one Internet connection and you share it via a router, wifi or other ways. Be careful with the echo if the two devices are too close to each other.

About the online soft skills courses

Some of the courses help you to communicate more effectively in private and public speaking, office presentation, in job or school interviews or in dating situations

Other topics improve your leadership and managerial skills, systems thinking, decision making, strategic planning and execution, productivity, teamwork etc.

Another group of topics focus on your health, habit changes, getting rid of addiction like smoking, junk food eating, impulsive shopping, online game playing.

Some topics focus on better relationship, finding a boyfriend or girlfriend easier, becoming more empathetic and compassionate, making friends and improving relationships, solving conflicts.

As the world changes faster and faster, learning and teaching skills become more important. You need to be able to adapt quickly and adopt new technologies and even take part in the creative, innovation process. You can learn all about these.