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Marketing communication and business management course, Hong Kong

New marketing strategies for marketing and sales professionals, small business owners

Learn about marketing and business strategies, mindsets, skills, principals and techniques in English, 1-1 with a foreigner in Hong Kong. We focus on the 21st century new marketing: social media, understanding customers' needs, aspirations, fears, 2-way communication, niche finding, market testing, attention grabbing and keeping, and related business and sales strategies.

  • how to reach more customers,
  • how to understand what they really want to get or avoid,
  • how to increase the probability that they buy from you,
  • how to make them buy more often and pay more at each time,
  • how to retain them and motivate them to bring you new customers.

With the birth of Internet how business and marketing is conducted has radically changed. For some business owners it is obvious and they utilise the opportunities. But others are still stuck in the 20th century business model and gradually will disappear.

One change is that two-way marketing and business communication has come back. For product innovation using social media to communicate with people and getting their feedback and knowing what they want is a fast and cheap way to make changes in the product and services.

The other trend is the spread of free product. All software have have great, free counterpart. Learning is so easy on Internet. SO be aware of this expanding free product economy.

Here are just a few topics we may discuss to improve the outcome of your marketing activities:

  • Your current marketing strategy
  • What marketing strategy would make your business more profitable
  • What is in the spotlight of your marketing: you, your business, your product or your customer?
  • What should you focus on in your marketing
  • What marketing channels do you ignore and how could you benefit from new ones
  • Internet marketing
  • Having a web site and making Yahoo and Google rank it on the first page
  • Generating heavy traffic to your site
  • Using social media: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, blogs
  • Using video, audio, e-book, newsletter to reach more people
  • Tools to increase conversation rates
  • Pushing your products for sale vs. producing what the customers really want
  • Ways of finding out what your customers wants
  • Writing copies: title, headlines, power words and your message
  • Building relationship with your customers
  • Adopting testing everything as a marketing philosophy
  • Setting up metrics and measuring results
  • Analysing and improving every aspect of your marketing
  • Cross-sale, up sale, down sale systems

We will discuss marketing at all levels: mindset, skills, strategy, planning, action, result analysis, feedback systems etc.