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Crisis Management course in Hong Kong

Learn to prepare your organization to survive in an ever changing environment

This course is suitable for employees of all kind of organisations including large corporaton, smaller companies, non-profit organisations and even for individuals who want a systemic and strategic approach to get ready for the future.

We are going to use the framework of prevention, preparation, action during crisis and follow up to develop knowledge, skills and strategies for crisis management.

As the world become more complex and changes accelerate in multiple fronts, we face more and more human, social, technological, market, regulatory, labour, public opinion and physical environmential issuses and we need new thinking and tools to survive in a less and less predictible future.

Reacting after a problem occured is not a prudent solution. All organzations need crisis managment experts or even departments to create strategies and contingency plans for various possibilities and build a team that can act quickly and effectively even in an upforseen, high stress situation.

This strategic approach has become more emphasised in the job market where employers are hiring crisis manager experts or at least this topic comes up during the recruitment process more often especially for marketing, PR, IT and management jobs.

managing crisis

Risk assessment, scenario planning, monitoring system

Just as an example, one element of crisis prevention and preparation is setting up and operating an early warning monitoring system to collect quantitative and qualitative data that you analyse. You use them for risk assessment and risk management.

Based on scenario analysis then, you can create policies, processes, procedures, rules that you communicate to other employees or even to some of your stakeholders and train them and provide them with the necessary tools.

This course requires good English and is available on one-to-one basis or for small groups. This crisis management training closely relate to our other courses like leadership, marketing and systems thinking.