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Storytelling training workshop in English in Hong Kong

Learn to use stories to influence people

In this storytelling course you will learn how to use stories to engage and influence people and express your personality and message.

Telling stories is one of the best verbal and written communication methods to make people think and take actions the way you want because of the indirect, hidden influential nature of stories that impact both the conscious and the subconscious mind.

storytelling workshop course

In the workshop you will learn story telling techniques and strategies, practice talking about real events from your life, create fictional tales and anecdotes that you make up out of the blue.

Everybody tells stories every day. This storytelling skills training is especially useful for parents, managers and leaders, teachers, lawyers, speakers, writers, salespeople, advertisers, marketing staff, politicians and hypnotherapists.

how to tell interesting stories

Here are some skills and mindsets that you are going to develop: