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Leadership, creativity, presentation, dating and relationship, communication courses

1-1 and small groups in English in Hong Kong

If you want to present yourself, communicate your ideas with great impact, lead and influence people more effectively, come up with creative ideas and solutions, manage your mind, emotions and health better, hsve great relationship with people, these tailor-made courses are for you.

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You can come to our training courses and

These are the levels and areas that you need to master for effective, purpose-oriented communications (starting from below to upwards):

communications levels
communications course

You can also come to develop your thinking and communication skills to operate more effectively in your daily life and career. My clients include:

Some people come just to share their daily life stories. They are housewives, retired people or business people with lots of free time. They just enjoy talking about various topics and their lives and practise their English.

presentation and conversation

Communication training as an investment into your future

The purpose of any communication is getting something: an acknowledgment, love, job, money, opportunities, sympathy, attention, performance, a change in the other person's belief, knowledge, value, feeling or action.

Investing time, money and energy into your communication skills is one of the best investment. There is a strong positive correlation between your communication skills and the income you earn, the quality of your relationships, your job satisfaction and performance and even your health and emotions.

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