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Learn how to influence people and get what you want

If you want to increase your power to influence people to get what you want or you are fed up with others controlling and exploiting you, it's time to upgrade your influencing skills and techniques and turn the table around.

As you increase your power of influence, you also need to enhance your ethical stand. Don't use your newly learnt power to manipulate or selfishly control people.

The main idea is to find, select and help the right people with whom you cooperate to create and share more value for you and others. The emphasis is on collaboration and value creation while you will also learn to compete and fight when necessary to prevent others to take unfair advantage of you.

communications course

All the topics in the course are about influence and control. They are packaged into smaller modules or sub-topics. Some of them are more communication related while others are more on the relationship building, value creation or self-development side. You can learn about:

  • Presentation,
  • Public speaking,
  • Story telling,
  • Negotiation,
  • Leadership,
  • Office politics,
  • Marketing and selling,
  • Interviewing (both as interviewee and interviewer),
  • Dating (finding and attracting a romantic partner),
  • Long-term male-female relationship,
  • Family, marriage, divorce and child raising,
  • Creativity (creating products, services and ideas),
  • Teaching, coaching, facilitating and mentoring,
  • Habit changing,
  • Recognising and dealing with different personality types,
  • Understanding and optimizing the mind,
  • Mindsets, beliefs, value and value perception, internal conflicts, multiple perspectives etc.
  • Self-control, emotion and stress management,
  • Managing and using our body to influence,
  • Language mastery,
  • Culture,
  • Social constructs,
  • Debate, argument and group discussion,
  • Group dynamics.
presentation and conversation

The course is in English. It's 1-1 or you can come with your friends or colleagues (max. 4 people).

These are the levels and areas that you need to master for effective, purpose-oriented communications (starting from below to upwards):

communications levels

So you can come to our training courses and

  • improve your English (speaking, listening, grammar, pronunciation),
  • practise for a job, promotional or school interview,
  • prepare for an important sales or other business presentation,
  • practise for a public speaking event or a speech,
  • develop your story telling skills,
  • develop your dating and relationship skills to find, attract and keep the right person,
  • develop your persuasion, negotiation and leadership skills to increase your power and influence,
  • prepare to host and entertain an important client who will visit HK
  • prepare for an overseas business trip
  • create ideas, work of art, solve problems, manage your business better.
one-to-one communication lesson

Who are our other clients for this course?

  • teachers who want to motivate or discipline their students more effectively or have problems teaching their subjects (e.g. liberal studies which requires multiple perspectives and creativity).
  • secondary and university students who want to improve their debating skills,
  • business owners and managers who want to get better attitude and performance from their stuff,
  • marketing and sales people who want to improve their marketing communication and increase their sales,
  • parents who cannot control their kids,
  • couples whose marriage deteriorated into indifference, boredom or who stopped communicating with each other,
  • single men and women who want to improve their dating skills and attract the right partner.

Some people come just to share their daily life stories. They are housewives, retired people or business people with lots of free time. They just enjoy talking about various topics and their lives and practise their English.