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Health course: how to lose fat

A simplified outline for habit change.

1. Focus on improving your health, not on losing weight.

2. Do not start any exersises or diet first. Willpower does not work, you will quit.

3. Create the internal (mental) and external environment where you automatically do the right things. You must rearrange your priorities, for example, learn to love the future version of you more than your present one, so you will eat for the future one.

Plan your meals in advance. Prepare and cook your own food (do not eat out, do not order food). Avoid processed food.

Throw away all the junk food, sugar, flour, oil (at least don't fry anything) and other toxic from your home to avoid temptation. When we are hungry or emotionally down, we eat junk food if it's available, so prevent this.

You may need to allocate 5-10 extra hours a week for going to the market, cooking, preparing your lunch box.

Reduce the influence of non-health-conscious people around you. Reject invitations to programs where unhealthy food is available if you are weak to resist.

Manage your hormones and emotions naturally.

That is, internalise health conscious mindsets by reprogramming your subconscious mind and build the social and culinary system for your daily life.


Learn the mindset that makes you thinner and healthier

If you have tried to lose fat and it did not bring the desired long-term result, it was probably caused by the narrowly focused method. But you can lose 5, 15 or even 25 pounds fat if you optimise your mind and your social and physical environment for your weight loss purpose.

During the course you will learn how to internalise your weight loss motivation. External motivations like fitting into your wedding dress, approval seeking to get better comments from others does not keep you slim and fit for long time though you can use them, too.

Internal motivation, for example being healthy, feeling good about your improvement is more powerful. It depends only on you. You don't need to hope that others make positive comments on your progress, though they will. But don't get addicted to it.

weight loss by mind optimization

Here are the traditional methods that you might have tried to manage your overweight problem but after some initial weight drops, you regained your lost fat on your belly, bottom and tight regions. So these do not work:

  • Forcing yourself to change your diet, eating habits or giving up your favourite foods and eating the ones you don't like,
  • Eating less and feeling hungry for long hours,
  • Trying some magic weight loss pills and flushing your body with poisonous chemicals with unpredictable side effects.
  • Forcing yourself to go to the gym to do exercises and buying membership in gyms like California Fitness, Fitness First, Physical, Pure Fitness, Fitness Compass or Seasons Fitness and finding out a few weeks later that you "don't have time".
  • Trying hormone therapy or liposuction.

These methods do not work for long time because they focus on your body: putting or not putting food and drinks in your body, exercising your body, chemically changing your hormones etc. Body, body body. Not enough by itself!

No sound to listen to, just watch.

Lose weight, drop fat: the easy and lasting way

Your mind controls your body. Your body follows your mind. More accurately: your mind, your body and your environment is a dynamic system. When you adjust your mindset, improve your thinking, and emotions and manage the environment factors, your body and health will adjust automatically. Adopting system thinking and finding the leverage points to maximum improvement are crucial elements of you weight loss plan and health maintenance.

In this one-to-one (or small group) fat losing mind optimization course I will focus on helping you to change your own mental models, beliefs and values, improve your mental skills that will gradually change your body:

It is a personalised course in a classroom and good English communication skills are required.

How I lost 10 lbs in 13 months automatically

Thirteen months ago, just as in my whole life, I was slim. I had a little belly fat but I was thin by everybody's standard. I did not have any intention to lose weight but I wanted to change to a healthier diet.

My family is full of people with different metabolic diseases including high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some overweight. I am relative healthy but my bad cholesterol level was "very high" and my fasting glucose level was at the border of normal and pre-diabetic and I was "addicted" to chocolate. I did not eat more than 50g a day but it bothered me that I had the habit of being like a coach potato, binge eating chocolate.

The only thing I did was to change my eating habits. I mentally increased my desire for health and the desire of being in control and free from chocolate addiction. So gradually I learnt how to enjoy vegetables more. I eliminated all drinks from my diet except water and I quit all fried food.

In the last full month I finally stop eating chocolate which resulted in 3.4 pounds weight loss from my already skeleton-like body. Quitting the chocolate was easy. I just decided it and had no more desire for it except some very weak impulses occasionally that I just ignored and they immediately disappeared.

During this 13 months (before the time I am writing this now, I did not changed my exercises routine: yoga lessons 3 times a week. I did not use willpower. I only reset my mind, my values, desires and goals. My body followed my mind.

I hope I can gain back this 10 lbs, so if you have any extra weight, you can just give it to me.